Galante Group Corporation, Jeffery Galante & David Connell are Ripoffs

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My friend Mark H. came to me a few weeks ago and told me about a tax debt problem he was having, and that he was also having problems deciding on who he should hire to help him. Mark knows I love doing online research and that I'm good at it. Of the five companies that he asked me about, two of them were easy "outs" since their BBB ratings were in the trash AND they had recently been sued.

The one that looked the most promising was JG Tax Group owned by Jeff Galante in the Boca Raton, FL area. Initially JG Taxgroup initially looked really positive, they have a good rating with the BBB, and I did not find a lot of negative comments. But, I did find a lawsuit that really concerned me. I was unable to find a lot on it, because it looks like they have done a lot to hide/bury this "skeleton". The case has to do with Sara Vanegas versus Galante Group Corporation and she individually sued Jeffery Galante and David Connell in the case too.

My father always told me that if you want to know what a person is like then pay attention to how they treat their subordinates, not how they treat their peers. Jeff Galante, David Connell, and Galante Group (before they were known as JG Tax Group) refused to pay Sara Vanegas's overtime. Think about it, Sara had to sue them just to get her paycheck!

Read the entire case and all other documentation here: Lawsuit Galante Group / Jeff Galante / David Connell

This appears to have been a way to make this woman miserable, she won the case ($4,958), but at the end of it all she got was $1,458 in her pocket. The rest were legal fees.

If they are so willing to do something like this to an employee, then think how they might treat you if you were a client of theirs. Here is a relatively small amount of money (although I am sure it was not pocket change for Sara), why didn't he just pay her, this was not about judging her "truthfulness", Galante Group was just refusing to pay her overtime. After reading the case it is my opinion that he was doing this to intimidate her, who knows who else they have done this too. Are they pulling the same type of tactics on their clients? Jeff Galante and David Connell appear to lack "moral fiber", so I told Mark to "nix" doing business with any company associated with Jeff Galante and/or David Connell.

Mark and I did find a company that was able to help him. I did this because I feel that people like you should know if a company is showing a really good face, when the actions they have taken in the past suggest that they are actually pretty "scummy".

Review about: Irs Debt.



So, did Sara ever get paid?Why would this case go to the Federal court, if it was frivolous?

If they treat employees this way, imagine how they take care of clients! I'm glad I found this aunt Iives in FL and I'm trying to find her some help with her taxes.

Mr.Galante has some explaining to do before I'd ever trust unethical practices such as these.


I just received a notification that there had been a reply and I was surprised by the angle this "businessman" took.

Rather than discussing the case and explaining the basics of it, he gets defensive (a good indicator of guilt) and attacks some other company instead.

Again this shows the type of "moral fiber" he is made of. I'm even gladder that I did this now that Jeff Galante comes out and starts "crying" about how it is someone else’s fault that this is posted.

Question Mr. Galante... is the lawsuit a lie too?

Did the government pay Ms. Vanegas just to sue you?

Or, I suppose one of your competitors set her up to sue you.

Fess up and stop whining, this woman sued you because you tried to steal money from her by not paying her for work she did. AND SHE WON!

This issue is not about some other company, it's about your ethics (or lack thereof) and why a person should be cautious of doing business with you because of it.

I guess you’re going to sue me for posting the truth :-)

Oh, yeah, I "guess" I hand typed out the whole court case in my spare time just to make you miserable... give me a break.

I have plenty of free time and if you want to come after me for telling the truth about you then bring it on! I consider it an honor to show the world about people like you.

If you want to continue this then how about addressing what I wrote about?

Rebutal… “sir” ;-)


I too share Thomas' concerns.This poster, whoever they may be, brought up some really valid concerns and they were brushed off by the owner, which is really off-putting.

I checked out the link in the complaint and it is legitimate.

I think the owner should spend more time explaining how the complaint is untrue, or how the ex-employee was paid then shifting attention to another company.Sorry, it just looks bad.

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